If I have the scenario with 1000+ tests and want to run only selected portion of them I can use fdescribe.

The rest of tests are skipped which is great however they still pollute the console output. How can I suppress the console output for skipped tests?

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If you're running tests via Karma, there is a spec reporter plugin that you can configure to ignore various things.



Add the following to your karma.conf.js:

      reporters: ["spec"],
      specReporter: {
        suppressSkipped: true, // do not print information about skipped tests 
      plugins: ["karma-spec-reporter"],

If you're not using Karma, then you need to find the proper Jasmine reporter and configure it, or create your own reporter.


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    I am using Karma and I am not using spec reporter. What then? Commented Nov 10, 2021 at 11:25

If you're using the mocha reporter:

reporters: ['mocha'],

mochaReporter: {
  ignoreSkipped: true,

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