How to delete a word in the INSERT mode? I'm usually using CTRL+W to delete from the cursor to the beginning of the previous word. Is there a shortcut to do the same but with opposite direction?


There's no built-in command for that but you can create your own easily:

inoremap <key> <C-o>de
  • Thank you for your answer. – whitesiroi Aug 22 '15 at 10:38
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    This is a best solution ever I've seen. It even work well where cursor is at end of line. also we can use this for backward deletion like inoremap <C-b> <C-o>db – makerj May 13 '17 at 11:57

@romainl's answer didn't work for me, so here's how I did it.

inoremap <C-q> <ESC>ldei

I was actually looking for the answer for vscodevim. If you're like me the answer is simple: there's a build-in shortcut in vscode so we can just add the following to settings.json:

"vim.insertModeKeyBindings": [
  // Delete one word forward in Insert Mode
  "before": ["<C-e>"],
  "commands": ["deleteWordRight"]
  • Hi. Where do you exactly write this? – bluesky777 Apr 7 at 2:34
  • @bluesky777 hello I've updated my answer. – UnderBlue592 Apr 7 at 2:40

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