I have TableView with 5 TableColumn. One of these columns represent color of culture on the map.

    colorColumn.setCellValueFactory(cellData -> {
        return new SimpleObjectProperty<Culture>(cellData.getValue());
            .setCellFactory(value -> {
                CellShape<Rectangle, Culture> elem = new CellShape<Rectangle, Culture>(
                        new Rectangle(50.0, 30.0, COLOR_OF_APPROPRIATE_CULTURE));
                return elem;

Here COLOR_OF_APPROPRIATE_CULTURE - it is color that is set in Culture object.

  public class Culture
    private Color color;
    //setter and getter

So, how to get this color field in CellFactory?

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    What is CellShape? Is it a TableCell subclass? – James_D Aug 22 '15 at 13:21

I assume, CellShape is a TableCell subclass, since the callback for setCellFactory() must return a TableCell or descendant. If so, you can get hold of the row data object via the getTableRow() method to TableCell. It would look like:

myColumn.setCellFactory(new Callback<TableColumn<Data, Fieldtype>, TableCell<Data, Fieldtype>>() {

  public TableCell<Data, Fieldtype> call(TableColumn<Data Fieldtype> param) {
    return new TableCell<Data, Fieldtype>(){

      protected void updateItem(Fieldtype item, boolean empty) {
        super.updateItem(item, empty); 

        Object rowDataItem = this.getTableRow().getItem();
        // Do what with the row data what you like ...

        // ...

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