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Using wget, I need to download a file whose URL contains the year. How can I embed the current 4-digit year (at the time of running the command, e.g. 2015)? For example, what would the command currentyear be in

wget "http://example.com/data-$(currentyear).txt"

What would be the corresponding command if I'd need the two-digit year (e.g. 15 for 2015)?

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You can simply use the date command as date +%Y:

wget "http://example.com/data-$(date +%Y).txt"

If you need the 2-digit year, you can simply use date +%y.

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    Useful also to note that in Linux, the various options for date format can be found with man date, whereas in FreeBSD and other BSDs including OSX, you can see them with man strftime. – ghoti Aug 23 '15 at 0:05

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