I'm trying to understand what it would take to efficiently use arangodb as a database for meteor. In that context I was wondering whether arangodb has the equivalent of mongodb's oplog that one could use to "subscribe" to all (or better yet select) updates to the database?


You could use the replication API for this. All operations executed are logged in ArangoDB's write-ahead log. Its contents can be fetched via the HTTP REST API, via the endpoint GET /_api/replication/logger-follow. By passing the from URL parameter to this URL, you can make the API return changes from a certain point in the WAL. The response will then contain an HTTP header x-arango-replication-lastincluded, which will give you the highest tick value included in the response. For subsequent calls to the API, you can pass this value in the from parameter and somewhat tail the changelog.

The API description is here.

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