What I plan to do in some of my README.md files is provide hyperlinks to other sites that I cite. However, we all run into that problem when links die or get moved, and said link becomes invalidated. =(

Is there a github tool that can run nightly checks to see if all the links in a README.md file (or something similar) are working correctly?

What I'm looking for is something that has a feature similar to Travis CI, where a project could have a badge saying "link-passing" on the project's main github page. (Example: scikit-learn has those two classy looking "build-passing" badges.)


I think what you want to use is awesome_bot.

It doesn't provide the badge you want but it does check URLs in files.

  • Looks like you could get travis to run the tests for you. There wouldn't be a separate badge specifically for URLs, but oh well. I think this would probably be sufficient enough. Thanks! – hlin117 Jan 5 '16 at 3:37

From what I get from your question, Travis is actually enough to do the checking task.

I have already implemented it in this project. It's based on nodejs package named grunt-deadlink, Travis-CI configuration is also included. Unfortunately it doesn't support nightly test (as far as I know).

For shiny badge you can simply use this badge generator service.


Another tool that could also be integrated in your CI-Pipeline is mlc.

I integrated it in the pipeline of another project of mine

The mlc link checker is written in rust and fairly fast by using async calls to check web links.

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