After months of putting it off I am trying to update my code to use Version 3 of the YouTube Data API.

I am in China so I need to use a VPN to work on this code, but the servers are in Atlanta. The line of code that gives me grief is:

$this->youtubeService = new Google_YoutubeService($this->googleClient);

That actual Google Client creates fine I can print it to the screen. I have blown away the API on the server thinking something went wrong in the upload, the example code using Books runs, I've enable the API in my console, I put printf's on either side of my code and narrowed it down to this line, but all I know is

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) (favouriteQuotationsMashup.php, line 0)

I can comment the line out to keep my code and my site running, but I am really not amused that I keep having to jump through hoops to get APIs to work again, YouTube is cool and all but it isn't vital to the function of my website, the only place I use it is in my quotation mashup. How do I figure out what is causing this error, especially if it is in Google's now giant beta PHP library?

  • Take a look at the error log of your webserver, there should be a clean message regarding the problem. – Gerald Schneider Aug 24 '15 at 8:00
  • 1
    Just a guess: The class is called Google_YouTubeService, (capital T), could just be the typo. – Gerald Schneider Aug 24 '15 at 8:02
  • I tried that typo theory. I tried a lot of stuff. Apparently I was too dumb to look at the error log. I'll have a look at that today. I swear I cut and pasted the method call from the official YouTube example, but you know I've seen official examples with mistakes before so I'll triple check typos. – Muskie Aug 25 '15 at 2:19
  • I have been meaning to fix this for a long time, I plan to take a fresh look at this, this weekend. – Muskie Jun 13 '17 at 20:08

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