When I use xcode 7 beta 5 and wanna to run a simple demo on watch simulator. It prompts this "Will install Watch App called with bad bundle identifier '(null)'". I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know this?

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    After add iOS target to Build target. The problem solved. – Michael Aug 24 '15 at 18:03
  • I have the same problem for Xcode7 beta5.I choose the watchKit App for the build target but nothing help. – SuperHappy Aug 31 '15 at 2:42
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    Tab you scheme->Edit Scheme->Build->+ Add you app, watch app and watch extension there. I think it will be fine. – Michael Aug 31 '15 at 7:08
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    The final scheme should be something like this: drive.google.com/a/umn.edu/file/d/0B_N0iePPjbEjWXh1TDYyU0NwWEk/… – Michael Aug 31 '15 at 7:11
  • Thank you, @Michael. I had the similar problem. Your advice helped me. – kelin Sep 6 '15 at 16:02

The problem comes from the fact that the iOS app is not compiled when Xcode tries to launch the Apple Watch App + Extension.

In order to solve this problem, as said in the comments of the question, add the iOS App to the Build Target (edit scheme, select the Build entry, and add the iOS target).


I had the same issue and solved the problem by creating a new scheme with the correct target. It worked without doing anything more.

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