I've created few tests (Specs) in Protractor - that every test works fine when running alone. the problem is that when executing them as one suite - the tests break. I'd like to add some operation in between the tests - such as timeout or logout. is there an option to do it? I've tried looking here: https://github.com/angular/protractor/blob/master/docs/referenceConf.js

this is my conf.js file (the specs part):

    sanity: ['*/AccountSettingsTest.js','*/createApptest.js']


specs: ['*/AccountSettingsTest.js'],



I believe you can use jasmine afterAll function. It should run after the describe block in your test. Just your logout/timeout function into an afterAll block inside of your describe block, and for that spec file, it will run after the describe. Since you have multiple specs, I imagine you'll want it in each spec file, as the order the files run in may vary.

From the jasmine docs:

describe("A spec using beforeAll and afterAll", function() {
  var foo;

  beforeAll(function() {
      foo = 1;

  afterAll(function() {
      foo = 0;

  it("sets the initial value of foo before specs run", function() {
      foo += 1;

  it("does not reset foo between specs", function() {

You can indeed try to add the below line in your conf.js file to restart your browser between tests -

restartBrowserBetweenTests: false,

In order to keep a default timeout add below line in jasmineNodeOpts object -

defaultTimeoutInterval: 30000

A detailed explanation is given in the referenceConf.js file

  • thanks, but that's not what I meant. – user2880391 Aug 24 '15 at 12:45
  • @user2880391 , can you please clarify the problem you are facing if the above answer isnt the one you are looking for. – Girish Sortur Aug 24 '15 at 13:24

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