I find myself in need a function that is similar to some-fn but combines predicates that take multiple arguments.

The new function should take a set of predicates and return a function f. The function f should return the first logical true value returned by one of its composing predicates applied to all of f's arguments, or else logical false. So I should be able to do this:

((some-fn* < >) 1 2)
=> truthy

((some-fn* < >) 1 1)
=> falsey

It's easy enough to implement:

(defn some-fn* [& fs]
  (fn [& args] (loop [fs fs]
                 (when (seq fs)
                   (or (apply (first fs) args)
                       (recur (rest fs)))))))

But it seems like such a simple thing should already exist in clojure.core. Does it? Or is there a simpler way to achieve what I need?


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You can use some:

(defn some-fn* [& ps]
  (fn [& args]
    (some #(apply % args) ps)))

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