I'm trying to build a war file that knows to look in a specific path for a spring boot application.properties. For example, when running in a linux environment,

I'd like my maven build to some how build that app so that it knows to look at the following location:


To be clear, I want to avoid setting system or command line properties. I want to wire into spring the location of the file and have application server and os be unaware of how spring does that. Is this possible?

You can pass -Dspring.config.location=/etc/projects/application.properties as part of the JAVA_OPTS to Tomcat.


I was sure that above will work, but..:)

according to documentation (here) you can create config directory next to your war/jar file, and create application.properties file there. It will be loaded. Ive tested that by cloning this repo. Edit HelloController class in initial project:

public class HelloController {

private String testProperty;

public String index() {
    return "Greetings from Spring Boot! Test property value="+testProperty;

build jar with maven:

mvn clean package

create config directory, add our property there, run app:

cd target
mkdir config
echo "test.property=Value from external config" >> config/application.properties 
java -jar gs-spring-boot-0.1.0.jar

goto localhost:8080 - value from external property file should be there :)

Ofcourse if you really have to store your files on /etc/projects/ then you can create symlinks inside config dir.

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    That sounds promising, but it doesn't work. I've also tried file:// in front of the location and still no luck. The documents seem to suggest that spring.config.location is a system property but not a property configurable in the application.properties file. – fansonly Aug 24 '15 at 23:28
  • look at edit. Sorry for confusion, I was sure it will be working before :) – freakman Aug 25 '15 at 6:47

Here is how I solved my case.

@SpringBootApplication(exclude = SpringDataWebAutoConfiguration.class)
        @PropertySource(value = "classpath:application.properties"),
        @PropertySource(value = "file:/etc/projects/application.properties", ignoreResourceNotFound = true)
@EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude = FlywayAutoConfiguration.class)
public class App extends SpringBootServletInitializer {


Its not easily build time configurable, so if the properties file moves I have to change code. But in my case, that's unlikely so this is an acceptable solution.

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