DataServiceRequestException was unhandled by user code. An error occurred while processing this request.

This is in relation to the previous post I added

public void AddEmailAddress(EmailAddressEntity emailAddressTobeAdded)
    AddObject("EmailAddress", emailAddressTobeAdded);

Again the code breaks and gives a new exception this time. Last time it was Storage Client Exception, now it is DataServiceRequestException. Code breaks at SaveChanges.


Surprisingly, solution is same. CamelCasing is not supported. So the code works if "EmailAddress" is changed to "Emailaddress" or "emailaddress" More details http://weblogs.asp.net/chanderdhall/archive/2010/07/10/dataservicerequestexception-was-unhandled-by-user-code-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-request.aspx


Because you've tagged this with "azure" and "table," I'm going to assume this code results in a call to Windows Azure tables. If so, I can assure you that camel casing table names is indeed supported. However, the string you pass to AddObject has to match a table that you've created, so make sure the code where you create the table is using the same casing.

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