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At creation all subsys init functions are called before device init functions, and at destruction all device exit functions are called before subsys exit function.

Perhaps it's the answer. However, it's been 8 years since the post. It may not be correct anymore.

I read the code in linux/net/core/net_namespaces.c, and still not totally understand it.

Can anyone help me out? THX.


Well, I'll answer my own question after several months learning.

The key point lies on the understanding of list (include/list.h). If you are not faimiar to this data structure widely used by linux kernel, you are suggested to write some code with it first.

Initially, pernet_list and first_device both are a pointer to the same list head.

If register_pernet_subsys is called, pernet_list and first_device will still be the same one points to the list head. Precisely, each of them points to the privious location, if register_pernet_device has not been called.

However, after calling register_pernet_device, first_device will point to the new list_head, while pernet_list still point to the original list head.

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