I just started playing with the "atom-typescript" plugin as referenced here:

Getting Started With TypeScript

The page states that to utilize atom-typescript, we literally just need to:

Now create a new .ts TypeScript file and start hacking away. AtomTS will take care of compiling it to .js and create a default tsconfig.json TypeScript project file for you.

This is not the case as I've created a simple directory structure and when attempting to build any *.ts file receive the following error:

No project file found.  Please use the 'Create tsconfig.json profile file' command

The error states I need to utilize the 'Create tsconfig.json project file' command--I simply cannot locate this command.

I understand I can create the file manually but I would like to know if / where the file can be created automatically. Thanks!

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    If you type cmd(ctrl)+shift+p and then tsconfig I believe the command should appear. – Jesse Good Aug 26 '15 at 21:15
  • Jesse--thank you, that worked perfectly! Can you please supply this as the answer so I can accept? – slashp Aug 26 '15 at 21:40

Type cmd(ctrl)+shift+p to bring up the list of commands and then tsconfig to find the command to generate the tsconfig.json file.

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install typescript,then excute "tsc --init" command in shell. will generate tsconfig.json file.

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