I am developing a web site using ASP.Net 4.0 that is using resources which are located in a separate project file.

In general localization is going fine. However, the Sitemap is not localizing properly.

Initially, I used Implicit localization naming a resource key, however this broke when the resources were moved to a different project. We have multiple projects sharing the same resources so a separate resource project makes sense.

For this reason I decided to make the sitemap resources explicit.

The original siteMapNode:

<siteMapNode url="Account" title="Account" description="showNavigation('Account');">

using the resource key which worked until the resources were moved out of project:

<siteMapNode url="Account" title="Account" description="showNavigation('Account');" resourceKey="Account">

Finally the sitemap node using an explicit resource: <siteMapNode url="Account" title="$Namespace:Sitemap, Account" description="showNavigation('Account');">

Unfortunately using the last sitemap node I literally get $Namespace:Sitemap, Account on the Sitemap Display.

Anyone have further suggestions?


I ended up not modifying the Sitemap file and using the following SiteMapNode

<siteMapNode url="Account" title="Account" description="showNavigation('Account');" resourceKey="Account">

This was the one I had tried to use to localize the sitemap.

As I had said above this alone does not work. Looking at the ascx file (the site map was located on a custom control), I noticed we had an event handler on the OnItemDataBound event for each node.

In the ascx file, the menu item text was the following:

<%# Eval("Title") %>

I replaced this with:

<asp:Literal ID="litTitle" runat="server"/>

In the event handler I added the following code to localize the title:

var node = ((SiteMapNode)e.Item.DataItem);
var litTitle = ((Literal)e.Item.FindControl("litTitle"));
if (node != null)
    litTitle.Text = Sitemap.ResourceManager.GetString(node.ResourceKey, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);

In the GetString() call the parameter should have been: node.ResourceKey + ".Title". However, I also took the opportunity to simplify the resource file and removed all the ".Title" suffixes from each key.

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