Please confirm this is the only way I can update a document in couchDB;

In order to update a document (lets call it fooDoc) I NEED TO pass "_rev". so fisrt I need to fetch that document by following code (foo.get) and then in the callback when I have the "_rev" I can use foo.insert to update that document on the last revision:

var foo = nano.db.use('foo');
foo.get('fooDoc', function (err, body) {
    console.log("get:", err, body);
    foo.insert({"_id": "fooDoc", "_rev": body['_rev'], "name": "newName", "bar": "baz"}, function (err, body) {
        console.log("insert:", err, body);



Thanks Nuno for your help: So I was following this documentation; however it seems the json format for update handler is not a valid json, so I updated to the following json:

    "updates": {
        "inplace": "function(doc, req) {var field = req.form.field;var value = req.form.value;var message = 'set '+field+' to '+value;doc[field] = value;return [doc, message];}"

And now when I run the following code it is not updating and the following is the log:

error: null respose: set undefined to undefined

The code:

foo.atomic("update", "inplace", "bar6",
        {crazy: true}, function (error, response) {
    console.log("error:", error, "respose:", response)

I really appreciate your help in this regard

FINAL UPDATE: Oh I figured out the problem; the update handler from hereenter link description here is not right; the right update handler would be:

   "inplace": "function (doc, req) {var message;var body=JSON.parse(req.body);for (id in body) {doc[id] =body[id];message += 'set ', id, 'to', body[id];}return[doc,message];}"

The only way of updating a document without previous knowledge of the _rev number is through an update function. In nano, update functions are called with db.atomic.

But you don't necessarily need to fetch the entire document, just the _rev.

As Mike said, to get the _rev of a single document you can issue a HEAD request. The _rev will be in the ETag header. In nano use db.head.

You can also fetch the _rev for multiple documents in one go by querying _all_docs. In nano use db.list.

  • Thanks man! I'm using nano; I didnt see such a thing in Nano, is there any? – user3399784 Aug 26 '15 at 23:23
  • 1
    An update function (aka document update handler) is a server side function defined in a design document. Nano should have the ability to invoke update functions, but you need to have one. – Nuno Cruces Aug 27 '15 at 0:24
  • Thanks so much for clarification; also could you please explain what designname mean in db.atomic? Based on the documentation "calls the design's update function with the specified doc in input." does it mean I need to define this update function somewhere? How and where can I define it? Sorry I'm so new to CouchDB. I really appreciate your help – user3399784 Aug 27 '15 at 14:54
  • Being new to Couch, can I suggest you read the book? Specifically, the bit about design docs. TLDR: Update functions live in the database in special documents called design documents. In nano designname is the name of your design document/function. – Nuno Cruces Aug 27 '15 at 15:01
  • Oh thanks for the link; it helps alot to understand the logic; may I ask you one more quick question? It seems the update handler function which is mentioned npmjs.com/package/… is not a valid json format so I modified it to make it a valid json (Please see my updated original question) and ran the the same code which I just updated on my original question as well; but it is not updating; I really appreciate your help; I just updated my original question – user3399784 Aug 27 '15 at 16:09

You can also do a HEAD request to get the revision ID via the Etag returned in the headers. Slightly less network traffic than getting the whole document.

However, using this pattern does remove the safety-net of using the revision ID to avoid overwriting modifications to the document which have happened since you read it.

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