if(x>y) AND (a<b) then
  end if 
end while

i was calculating Cyclomatic Complexity of above pseudo code, and i came to conclusion with the short cut method that

M= (Decision Point) + 1

Where M is Cyclomatic Complexity

i Got answer 3

is it True?

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First, let identify every statement. Im using letters here, but it could be numbers instead.

A    while(m<n)              
B,C    if(x>y) AND (a<b) then
D        a=a+1
E        y=y-1
       end if 
F      m=m+1
G    end while
  • Note that the second statement have two conditions/predicates/decision points (or whatever you call them), so i name them B and C.
  • Im going to use end while (G) as the exit point.

Now we can draw the Control Flow Graph (CFG):


Finally, compute the Cyclomatic Complexity (M) in three different ways:

  1. M = E-V+2*K = 9-7+2*1 = 4

  2. M = C + 1 = 3 + 1 = 4

  3. M = Regions(CFG) = 4


  • E=number of edges

  • V=number of vertices

  • K=number of graph components

  • C=number of conditions/decision points


As compare to above logic, @osEduSol mentioned is correct i.e.

M= (Decision Point) + 1

Where M is Cyclomatic Complexity

There are 3 decision point

i Got answer 4

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