I am trying to generate my model classes from a mysql database schema, with EF6. I use the ado.net wizard database first approach and I get an exception that says :

Unexpected exception occured when generating the model. StrongTypingException:the value for column 'IsPrimaryKey' in table TableDetails is DBNull.

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Run the following command on the MySQL DB and then try if this works.

set global optimizer_switch='derived_merge=off'


It seems that the MySQL Entity Framework provider does not work correctly with all combinations of Entity Framework version and MySQL version. I had the same error when trying to create a database first model for MySQL 5.7 and Entity Framework 5 or 6 (tried everything, like with and without adding the MySql.Data.Entity Nuget package). The only success I had was with MySQL 5.6 and Entity Framework 5 (without adding the MySql.Data.Entity Nuget package beforehand).

See also this question.

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