I have remote Linux machine (ubuntu 14.04) with remote SSH access and fresh installed TeamViewer 10.0.46203 (DEB).

I try to launch teamviewer and obtain TeamViewer ID via ssh console by this command :

  $ teamviewer --info

which print version, status, id.

But I did not have any success due to the fact that at it first launch it's required to accept the License agreement. So I try to launch with -X key via SSH but this window with accept the License agreement button does not appear! Only when it fail to accept license appear window with error message.

My question: how to accept teamviewer license agreement from/under console at first launch?

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I wrote same question to teamviewer support and got such reply:

When installing TeamViewer through SSH please keep in mind there is an EULA agreement which must be accepted before the GUI is able to launch to receive an ID.

There will be a parameter for this coming out in a later release, however, for now please stop the TeamViewer daemon with the following command:

teamviewer --daemon stop

and then just add the following lines in the /opt/teamviewer9/config/global.config file:

[int32] EulaAccepted = 1

[int32] EulaAcceptedRevision = 6

After this please start the TeamViewer daemon with the following command:

teamviewer --daemon start

Also, please run the command (in debian based distros)

export DISPLAY=:0; nohup iceweasel &>/dev/null &

to allow the GUI to be opened and retrieve the TeamViewer ID.

You can then run TeamViewer with the command sudo teamviewer & disown as it removes the process from the shell's job control, but it still leaves it connected to the terminal.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if you have any further questions...

Fedora 20 Here are the steps:

1.) SSH into the machine to install TeamViewer (Follow installation instructions. If help is needed for shell commands then teamviewer --help) 2.) After installing TeamViewer please setup the unattended password teamviewer --passwd [PASSWD] 3.) After please stop the daemon with sudo teamviewer --daemon stop 4.) Write into the global.conf file located in /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf the following lines:

[int32] Always_Online = 1

[int32] EulaAccepted = 1

[int32] EulaAcceptedRevision = 6

5.) Then start the daemon with sudo teamviewer --daemon --start or restart if needed sudo teamviewer --daemon restart

6.) Then restart GDM with the command systemctl restart gdm.service

Then you should be good to go!


In TeamViewer 10 there is a option licence, with which you can accept the EULA.

$teamviewer license accept

You may need to restart teamviewer daemon with $teamviewer daemon restart.

  • Just tried, I can confirm that it works for TeamViewer 13 as well.
    – Yaseen
    Jun 8, 2018 at 10:37

teamviewer license accept

Device is not assigned to an account. Please run interactive setup.

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