In Stylus, how do I use a variable in a calc expression?

For example, the following doesn't work (arrow-size being a variable):

arrow-size = 5px
left calc(50% - arrow-size)
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    Just in case you didn't know, Stylus lets you do the calculation directly: left (50% - arrow-size). But I guess there might be times when you want the actual calc to show up – nachocab Nov 12 '17 at 11:54
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    left (50% - arrow-size) becomes 45%, which isn't correct if you're mixing units like that. – Kael Watts-Deuchar Jan 28 '18 at 10:58

In order to use a Stylus variable inside a calc expression, one must employ the string % operator:

arrow-size = 5px
left "calc(50% - %s)" % arrow-size

To use multiple variables (not just one) in calc (or with other functions), i use sprintf as you used, but with tuples:

arrow-size = 5px
measure = 50%
left "calc(%s - %s)" % (measure arrow-size)

Remember that interepolation in Stylus is supported through {} and it's used for other kind of interpolation. It's used to surround an expression, which then becomes part of a identifier, or a selector.

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