Is there a workaround for the problem with textmate's Jump to matching brace issue? Is there anyway to disable the OS level ⌃↑ and ⌃↓ ? Or to customize textmates key bindings?

Somehow relevant, but not satisfactory answers: "Go to matching brace" in TextMate 1.5

Setting Shortcut Keys in Textmate


For Textmate 2 the key bindings that @Allan Odgaard posted in a related post are perfect:

In TextMate 2 going to matching brace can be done with ⌃↑ and ⌃↓. These keys can also be used with shift () to select to matching brace.

yet @MaratC is correct - they are bound to system wide Mission Control functions.

These can be changed in: System Preferences... Keyboard... Shortcuts pane/tab: in the Mission Control Section. After choosing alternative shortcuts for mission control, go to AppleMenu... Force Quit.. Relaunch Finder and the shortcut keys will be available in TextMate.

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