So from the docs, I can query my container for its volumes:

docker inspect --format="{{.Volumes}}" container

this returns paths in the format:

map[/container/path/1:/host/path/1 /container/path/2:/host/path/2]

My question is, how do you extract a single path out of this returned data? Say I only wanted the /host/path/2 so i could use it in a script to backup the data in that volume.

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The argument to --format is a standard go text/template expression. If you want to get the host path corresponding to a particular container path, you could do this:

$ docker inspect -f '{{index .Volumes "/container/path/1"}}' container

If you want to produce a list of host:container pairs, you could do this:

$ docker inspect -f '{{range $key, $value := .Volumes}}{{printf "%s:%s\n" $key $value}}{{end}}'

Which would get you:


In this example, we're taking advantage of this syntax:

A pipeline inside an action may initialize a variable to capture the result. The initialization has syntax

$variable := pipeline

where $variable is the name of the variable. An action that declares a variable produces no output.

If a "range" action initializes a variable, the variable is set to the successive elements of the iteration. Also, a "range" may declare two variables, separated by a comma:

range $index, $element := pipeline

in which case $index and $element are set to the successive values of the array/slice index or map key and element, respectively. Note that if there is only one variable, it is assigned the element; this is opposite to the convention in Go range clauses.


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