I need to execute a system command in Qt and provide an argument for the command.

For example, opening a text file with gedit:

gedit /home/oDx/Documents/a.txt

But the path /home/oDx/Documents/a.txt will be in a variable like docPath.

How can I achieve this?

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QProcess process;
process.start("gedit", QStringList() << docPath);

the same as above

QProcess process;
process.start("gedit", QStringList() << "/home/oDx/Documents/a.txt");

Also, read this.


QProcess::execute() may be helpful, although is deprecated:

QProcess::execute("gedit /home/oDx/Documents/a.txt");

As of Qt 6.0, you can use QProcess::startCommand:

QProcess process;
process.startCommand("gedit /home/oDx/Documents/a.txt");

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