I am using a macbook air but in order to access my company's servers I have to use a virtual desktop that runs windows. I'm using putty/vim and can't figure out how to paste something as the is no "insert" key on the mac. Does anyone no a solution to this?

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Right click in the putty window to paste, (two finger click on touchpad).


EDIT: Explanation

Vim (vi too, to be honest) has 26 built-in private buffers (a-z). vim has also buffers for the clipboard.

To Put (insert) from buffer m, you would do "mp which reads as "with buffer m do the put thing".

To put from Clipboard, you have to find the right buffer in your setup.

  1. Try opening a temp-file with no meaning and no risk. Then copy something in your Windows or your mac.

  2. Go into the vim- putty with the simple file.

  3. type "*p , I mean type first <Doublequote> then <Star> then ```

  4. Is your paste happening? Be happy

  5. if not: try "+p for "with buffer + do put

One of them should work.

In short:

Use one of the Buffers '+' or '*', so:


If you want to yank into general buffer, use one of


and look, which one works.

Happy vim-ing!

You can also find a key on Mac to map this command to. :he :map

  • Thanks for the answer. But I must be dense because I still don't understand what I should do Aug 28, 2015 at 21:05
  • %s/buffer/register/g
    – romainl
    Aug 28, 2015 at 21:19

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