I am developing a node.js application with cloud9 online IDE. I need to edit the .gitignore file, but I can not see it because it is a hidden file. Does anybody knows how to show hidden files in the cloud9 file tree?


Go to upper left Cloud9 menu item, then select the preferences option.

In the settings, select tree & navigate, and then you can modify the pattern of hidden files.

To show all, yo can erase all the text box, to see the .gitignore file, delete only the ".*" in the pattern. This will make the .gitignore file appear in the file tree.

  • I've tryed and it works, at least in this version of C9 (Sept-2015): Version 3.0.2515 (502040ee47) – Diego Pamio Aug 28 '15 at 21:57

The method described in the other answer permanently modifies the pattern for files which cloud9 will consider hidden. There is also a quick way to temporarily display hidden files.
In the upper corner of the tree there is a gear button which opens a popup with an option to show hidden file

tree options popup

  • this was way easier!! ty – hello world Feb 5 '16 at 8:11

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