Im having some memory issues with my app. It can pick an image from the users personal gallery and store it in a file to be rendered on the screen. The issue is that the limitation on the imagesize is very small. Which I have discovered lead to pretty much every image on my device being to large to handle. So the method itself became useless since it can't handle moderate sized images. I'm experiencing this only on ios devices so far.

Is there a solution? Can I compress/minimize the size of the image to a smaller one in any way? Cutting all images to the same resolution? (Like Instagram's system).


If you want to reduce the image size in bytes, there are at least 3 areas you can work on:

  1. Reduce image dimensions (pixel resolution). This almost always causes loss of quality, but if your users are viewing on small screen devices, and you don't resize too much, the loss won't be significant. You can also use interpolation to minimize the visual degradation when resizing.
  2. Reduce bit depth (color resolution).If the image is full color (32 or 24 bits per pixel), you can sometimes get away with reducing it to a lower color count such as making it 8-bit. Again this will cause quality loss, but you can use dithering to reduce it.
  3. Use better compression. Most images are already compressed these days, but in some cases you can re-compress an image to make the file smaller. One example is JPEG which supports different quality factors. There are also different sub-types (color sampling frequencies) in JPEG. So if you save an image as 4:1:1 instead of 4:4:4, it will contain less color content and become smaller in byte size, but the difference is usually not noticeable to the human eye. This post has details on changing JPEG Quality factor on iOS.

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