I am new to the whole JSON thing and currently working on an Android App for my WordPress site using Intel XDK. I have installed WordPress' JSON API Plugin which enables me to get recent posts using http://example.com/?json=get_recent_posts What I don't know is how to display them on my App. I am new and need your kind help. Please help me out. Thank you for your time.

  1. Watch this tutorial on how to do just that. Intel® XDK App Designer - Using Services Datafeed in App Designer

  2. When HE drills down in the Web Services section for Rotten Tomatoes© api info, YOU need to select: API Explorer Sandbox > Methods > GET

  3. Paste in the URL of the JSON API from WordPress: example.com/?json=get_recent_posts

Follow the tutorial exact (mind your drag and drop in XDK..) and you will accomplish this with ease.

IMPORTANT! * TIP - When selecting Angular or Backbone options in the data-bindings process of the tutorial, I found that if I selected Angular.js MVC framework, I was getting the <p> tag in from my imported content and/or excerpt data from the JSON output. So, to combat this issue I simply selected the other option of Backbone.js instead and all the p tags went away and also some other small formatting issues i saw.

In addition, to do a (obviously needed, auto-refresh on post/page/anything you are pulling in from JSON API plugin) ****Copy paste link ---> software.intel.com/en-us/videos/pull-to-refresh-in-framework-7

Framework 7 Templates to help out ****Copy paste link ---> idangero.us/framework7/examples/#.VqjrVVMrJFw

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