I'm using pdfmake. I want to format a document and they have good examples on github and in their playground but I was wondering if they featured all capabilities therein. I get the feeling that their may be additional properties like switching fonts, adding different style elements or underlining - things not expressly shared in the examples. Maybe what you see is what you get and that is all but I went over the github page pretty throughly and did not find a more detailed list of capabilities. It seems hella similar to html but it doesn't seem to have the same styling capabilities of html/css, if there is something more could someone please point it out.

  • I never did find anything but I brute forced it out in the end. – rashadb Sep 6 '15 at 12:25
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Here you go.. At least, uncommented below styles are supported. I tried it myself.

// 'cellBorder',
// 'headerCellBorder',
// 'oddRowCellBorder',
// 'evenRowCellBorder',
// 'tableBorder'

You could use the above styles, as below.

var dd = {
    content: [
            text: 'This is a header, using header style', 
            style: 'header' 
    styles: {
        header: {
            fontSize: 18,
            bold: true,
            background: '#ff1'

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