I have a function with an array of objects as parameter and would like to describe the parameter (including the properties of the objects in the array) using JSDOC like in this example:

 * @param {Array.<Object>} filter - array of filter objects
 * @param ...
function doSomething(filter) {

where filter is something like this:

filter = [
   {id: 'session', value: 1},
   {id: 'name', value: 'john'}

How would I document the properties id and value in jsdoc3 ?


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like this:

 * @param {Object[]} filter - a list of literal filter objects
 * @param {string} filter[].id -  id to filter against...
 * @param {string|number} filter[].value - value to filter for...
function doSomething(filter) {
    // do stuff

taken from http://usejsdoc.org/tags-param.html

  • Is there any way to use this with @typedef? I want to essentially do the exact same thing, except in an @typedef {Object[]} filter instead of @param {Object[]} filter, since I reuse the type a lot. I've tried the same thing but changing the @params (excluding the first, which becomes @typedef) to @type, @typedef and @param, but nothing seems to be working. Jan 22, 2020 at 17:11
  • 2
    I prefer using Array.<Object> over Object[], e.g. @param {Array.<Object>} filter. However, VSCode only recognized the array item's properties when using the Object[] syntax for the array. Is there a different method of specifiying array item properties when using Array.<Object>? Mar 18, 2020 at 16:37

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