Currently I'm translating a class from Objective-C to apple Swift, but unfortunately I've no idea about Objective-C so any help in translating the signature of the following function from Objective-C to Swift?

- (void)playbackSession:(id<BCOVPlaybackSession>)session didReceiveLifecycleEvent:(BCOVPlaybackSessionLifecycleEvent *)lifecycleEvent

The signature in Swift would look like:

func playbackSession(session: AnyObject<BCOVPlayBackSession>!, didReceiveLifecycleEvent event:BCOVPlaybackSessionLifecycleEvent!)

Upping this question to provide a more generic answer:

  • Use the "Related Items" button on the top left of your code window in XCode (right next to the "<" and ">" navigation arrows)
  • From the menu it opens, select "Generated interface" and choose your Swift version of choice. Voilà!

See capture of the "Related items" menu:

Related Items menu in XCode

  • THIS is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! – Shredder2794 Aug 16 '19 at 22:27

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