I'm using fosuserbundle for registration and login (authentication). I want to assign roles at registration time (using check boxes).

These three will be in form of Check boxes ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_USER, ROLE_SUPPER_ADMIN.

I created a User entity that extends baseUser. I have RegisterType extending BaseType.

I want to use fosuserbundle's role value, how do I link fosuserbundle's role with checkbox?

My security.yml is given below


        id: fos_user.user_provider.username

        pattern: ^/
            provider: fos_userbundle
            csrf_provider: security.csrf.token_manager 

         path:   /logout
         target:  /login
        anonymous:    true

    - { path: ^/login$, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
    - { path: ^/register, role: ROLE_USER }
    - { path: ^/resetting, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
    - { path: ^/Services/, role: ROLE_USER }

What must I do now to achieve what I want?

  • What do you want to do? Your questions isn't clear on that. You've made a check box with Roles, do you want to add the role to the new created user depending on the choice you made on the checkbox? – KhorneHoly Aug 31 '15 at 13:04
  • Were any of the below contributions helpful, Zargham? – halfer Oct 24 '15 at 9:22
  • Regretfully downvoted (see above). – halfer Nov 12 '15 at 19:03

Steps :

  1. Add security roles in security.yml (http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/security.html).
  2. Create an array and that inside form builder to create the checkbox combinations.
  3. Inside controller, use this after user entity is created: $userEntity->setRoles([SELECTEDROLE VAUES IN POST VAR]);

SELECTEDROLE VAUES IN POST VAR === Values selected by the user during registration process.


To assign roles at registration time You can add an Event Subscriber or an Event Listener to a Form Class and use the form event "formEvents::POST_SUBMIT"

More details

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