I've got the following code to create a form in symfony2.

private function createDeleteForm($id)
    return $this->createFormBuilder()
        ->setAction($this->generateUrl('anne_stage_delete', array('id' => $id)))
        ->add('delete', 'submit')

But I can't find out how to add/change the name attribute. When I look in the rendered html the form name is form.


Make the form name in twig

<form action="{{ path('yourpath') }}" method="post" name="your_name-form">
{{ form_widget(form) }}


You can use createNamedBuilder

$form = $this->get('form.factory')->createNamedBuilder('your-custom-name', 'form',  null, array(
    'constraints' => $collectionConstraint,
->add('delete', 'submit')

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