The monitor (below) is continually running and generating a random list of output, even though there is no tick activity.

Questions: Should it be continually running? Is there a way to monitor the list on the interface without the continual random output?


to go
  crt 100 [fd random 14 + 1]

to-report report-red-turtles
  report [who] of turtles with [color = red]

To run:

On the interface, create a monitor report-red-turtles and a simple go button

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It is by design that "Monitors automatically update several times per second". It's a convenient design in most cases, but can also have some weird consequences (be careful never to have side effects in monitor code!)

What happens in your case is that

[who] of turtles with [color = red]

produces different output each time it runs: the list produced by of is always in random order.

To get around this fact, you have two options.

  • Remove the randomness: sort [who] of turtles with [color = red].
  • Use a global variable (e.g. red-turtles), update it once per tick, and display that in your monitor.

It's a trade-off between simplicity and speed: the first option is simpler and cleaner, but more computationally expensive.

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