I need to return the value by Call by Reference,


int Splitting(int *,int);
int main()
    int x = 1234567891,x1=x,a1,b1,count=0;

int Splitting(int *x,int count)
    int x1=*x,x2, a = 0, b = 0, a1 = 0, b1 = 0;

    /**Some code logic used**/
    x1 =(int *) a1;
    return b1;

I need to return the value a1, b1.

Where b1 through return statement and a1 through call by reference. So I need to set the value x1=a1; Its not working.

Please suggest.

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    Use *x = a1 instead of x1=a1 – Sumit Trehan Sep 1 '15 at 5:03
  • "need to set the value x1=a1;" Why? – alk Sep 1 '15 at 5:15

You are assigning x1 when you should assign x in your code

instead of

x1 =(int *) a1;


*x = a1;

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