I was trying to access my xampp from another computer ,it is showing as forbidden error.Then i googled for answer for that they were telling some settings to change in httpd.conf file which is there in apache folder as follows:

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from
Allow from ::1

#Order Deny,Allow
#Deny from all
#Allow from
#Allow from ::1

But it is not working it still shows the same error.can somebody help me to solve this.

And i want access my xampp from multiple computers as well can you please provide a solution for this . Thanks.


try add new line

Allow from {other computer ip}

or for all

Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

After change, restart xamp


you can try


install it, start it and connect your other machines with your system hotspot, then other computer on the same network can access your xampp server through your system ip like

where is your system IP, enjoy

  • But this is for sharing internet to other devices know how this will work for localhost..? – Harshitha Naidu K Sep 1 '15 at 9:21
  • just follow what i said it will definitely work, i use it myself when u connect to your machine through connectify you can access machine localhost by its ip as i described before – Noor Sep 2 '15 at 4:34

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