I azure we can create Hybrid connection to local sql server from Web Sites and Mobile Service. But I need to create Hybrid service to My Local SQL server from VM or cloud service. Is there anyway to achieve this one?


You can, actually.

The tool is called the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Connection Client

This runs as a service on your VM, and you add Hybrid Connections to it.
(That is, it = the VM that needs to talk to the on-prem asset.)

When a connection is added, a HOSTS file entry is made for the particular dns name and is routed through Azure to your on-prem Hybrid Connection Manager.

The Connection String you add will be the 'Application' one(s), which you will find in the old portal

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According to Microsoft Hybrid connection will support only for WebSite and Mobile Web Services.

So I couldn't directly achieve my requirement. But alternative way is, implement the WCF service which can be hosted as WebSite.Now you can hosted your SQL database locally and create hybrid connection to the database from WCF service.Then you can call your WCF service from VM or cloud service.

Thanks, Erandika

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