I'm trying to send a mail (with a template loaded) through Python.

I did this in version 7 with the function send_mail of the email.template model. Now, I want it for version 8, but I'm not able to manage this.

It's not a problem about thse SMTP server nor the template, because if I send the mail manually, it gets to its destiny rightly.

It seems that it's not going into the function send_mail (I've written a logger info message above the first line of the function and it never appears).

This is my code:

return self.env['email.template'].send_mail(
   self.env.cr, self.env.uid, template.id, self.id, force_send=True,

I've also checked that the template.id and the self.id parameters which the function needs are right. But there are no errors, no messages, it's ignoring the function. I've also tried without cr, uid and context, but same result.

By the way, send_mail function has a decorator which I had never seen before, @api.cr_uid_id_context, whose meaning I don't know.

Can anyone help me, please?


When using the new API (self.env instead of self.pool), not only do you no longer need to pass the cr/uid/context arguments, as you usually don't pass the id(s)either; instead, you browse() to get an object, and then call the method on it.


return template.send_mail(self.id, force_send=True)

I've found the problem after a while. I compared my code to other modules which called the same function and I tried to emulate them.

Finally I manage it calling the email.template model with pool instead of env, this way:

return self.pool['email.template'].send_mail(
   self.env.cr, self.env.uid, template.id, self.id, force_send=True,

Now it goes into the the function and it works, mail is sent with the desired template.


once i created one template for the similar purpose ,please check it on and try to solve your problem.

   for rec in job_records:
         _logger.error('In project task listttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt  %s', rec.job_id.partner_id.email)
         attachment_ids = self.pool.get('ir.attachment').search(cr, uid, [('res_model','=', 'hr.applicant'),('res_id','=',rec.id),('blind_cv','=','True')])
         message = ("Hello %s \n Below Prurchase Order is  Delay Today: \n Supplier Name : %s \n Purchase Order Refereance : %s \n Order Date : %s \n Delivery Date : %s \n Product Names : %s \n\n")
        # context.update({'default_student_ids' : [(6, 0, [rec.id])]})
         vals = {'state': 'outgoing',
                         'subject': 'CVs',
                         'body_html': '<pre>%s</pre>' % message,
                         'email_to': rec.job_id.partner_id.email,
                         'email_from': 'rahuls.logicious@gmail.com',
                         'attachment_ids': [(6, 0, attachment_ids)],

         email_ids.append(self.pool.get('mail.mail').create(cr, uid, vals, context=context))
     if email_ids:
         self.pool.get('mail.mail').send(cr, uid, email_ids, context=context)
  • Thank you, I upvote you, but that code is more or less the content of the function send_mail and I've just found the problem. I'm going to post it. – forvas Sep 2 '15 at 9:01

You can do like this :

def send_email(self, cr, uid, ids, vals, context=None):
    # Set Context with ids
    compose_ctx = dict(context,active_ids=ids)
    # Set your template search domain
    search_domain = [('name', '=', 'Application accepted')]
    # Get template id
    template_id = self.pool['email.template'].search(cr, uid, search_domain, context=context)[0]
    # Compose email
    compose_id = self.pool['mail.compose.message'].create(cr, uid, {
        'model': self._name,
        'composition_mode': 'mass_mail',
        'template_id': template_id,
        'post': True,
        'notify': True,
        }, context=compose_ctx)
    self.pool['mail.compose.message'].write(cr, uid, [compose_id], self.pool['mail.compose.message'].onchange_template_id(cr, uid, [compose_id], template_id, 'mass_mail', self._name, False,context=compose_ctx)['value'],context=compose_ctx)
    # Send mail with composed id
    self.pool['mail.compose.message'].send_mail(cr, uid, [compose_id], context=compose_ctx)

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