Whenever I push a new commit, Travis CI fails my build with this message at the top of every log:

WARNING: We were unable to find a .travis.yml file. This may not be what you want. Build will be run with default settings.

Using worker: worker-linux-docker-71483f98.prod.travis-ci.org:travis-linux-6

Could not find .travis.yml, using standard configuration.

However, I definitely have a .travis.yaml file in the root of my repository. Here are its contents:

$ cat .travis.yaml 



Some people seem to have encountered similar issues because they renamed their repositories, but I have never changed the name of this repository. Others say it just fixed itself after a couple hours, but it has been 5 days for me and nothing has changed.

Nothing in the Travis CI documentation seems to indicate that I need to do anything more than sync my repos, active the repo I want CI for, and include a .travis.yaml file in the repo. Am I missing something?


You are using the wrong extension for your YAML file.

It needs to be .travis.yml not .travis.yaml.

  • That did it. I'm surprised it doesn't support the longer extension. Thanks! – CivBase Sep 1 '15 at 18:22

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