I'm new to JavaScript so if I'm misunderstanding a concept, please feel free to let me know.

I have the following class:

var Human = function () {};
Object.defineProperty(Human.prototype, 'name', {
     get: function () { return this._name; },
     set: function (value) { this._name = value; },
     configurable: true,
     enumerable: true

I then define the following child object:

var Man = function () {};
Man.prototype = new Human(); //Am I inherting Human's prototype (and properties) here?
Man.prototype.name = 'Matt'; //If so, I should be setting Man's name property (overriding the value inherited from Human)

However, console.log(Man.name) prints out "".

Why is this and how can I correctly override Human's property?


I have also tried

Man.name = 'Matt';

instead of

Man.prototype.Name = 'Matt';

But I got the same behaviour.


I should also note that if I execute console.log(Man.prototype._name) i get the expected output "Matt"

  • Man.name is the function name, which has nothing to do with that name property. If you did var Man = function someName(){};, Man.name would be "someName". Anyway, what exactly is your expected behavior? Sep 1 '15 at 19:14

Since you are setting prototype property, you need to instantiate a new object from this constructor, then prototype will be used to construct new object instance:

var Man = function () {};
Man.prototype = new Human();
Man.prototype.name = 'Matt';

var man = new Man(); // <--- this is new man

However, you probably don't want all Man instancies to have the same name - what happens when you put stuff in prototype, it's get shared by all instancies. This makes more sense:

var Man = function () {};
Man.prototype = new Human();

var man = new Man();
man.name = 'Matt';

Here you only set own property of the the object man.

  • This is the exact behaviour that I wanted to achieve. Defining a property in a super class and overwriting it in the child. Thank you! Sep 1 '15 at 19:18

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