Is the presence of a \' within double quotes "invalid" in the context of a JSON response? Is there a definitive JSON spec that could give me an answer?

  • You can verify any JSON text in jsonlint.com. The only restriction is the site support no primitive types like "test" or 123. To verity such primitive types just place there in [] (like ["test"] or [123]). Moreover if you do no manual JSON serialization and use JSON.stringify instead (from json.org/js.html) or other standrd JSON serializer (DataContractJsonSerializer or JavaScriptSerializer in .NET), you will no time think about which charachters should be escaped in JSON and which not. – Oleg Jul 13 '10 at 8:44

Check out http://www.json.org/ and scroll down to the "String" diagram.

You can see there how the \ is a "control" character. If you want a literal backslash within your JSON, you'll need to escape it: "\\" is a valid JSON string, for example.

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