Is there any RethinkDB chef solo cookbook that allows one to install latest rethinkdb on ubuntu 14.04 / AWS.

I tried couple options, however it didn't help.

https://github.com/vFense/rethinkdb-chef - how to install latest version? https://github.com/sprij/rethinkdb-cookbook.git - source compilation takes hours

I would appreciate any help regarding this.



Try the cookbook that is available from the community repository first:


It claims to be integration tested on Ubuntu. If it doesn't work under chef-solo, then I'd advise you to switch to local mode chef client instead.


PS Also checkout Berkshelf for managing cookbook dependencies. It's a standard tool in the chefdk


I updated rethinkdb-chef to work with the latest version of RethinkDB as well as removed the network portion of the .kitchen.yml file. I validated that this does work on CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 14.04.

I still need to write tests as well as documentation. As per Marks answer, try to use the community supported version 1st. I created this cookbook, so that I can customize it as per my needs with vFense.

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