I have problems with acceptance tests (ember 0.10.0). The thing is, tests run successfully if I run them one by one (passing test ID in URL), but when I try to run them all at once, they fail cause of some async problems I think (such as trying to click on an element which has not been rendered yet). Has anybody faced that? Here's the gist with the example of one of my tests

P.S. I tried to upgrade versions of: qunit, ember-qunit, ember-cli-qunit, but the problem still exists (edited)


Here's the screenshot: https://pp.vk.me/c627830/v627830110/e718/tAwcDMJ0J4g.jpg


I simplified tests as much as I could and now, 50 percent they r passing. I mean, I run all tests and they are marked as done successfully, I run all tests again and they are failed. That blows my mind.


Common reasons for failing are:

  1. Some resource that is used by more than one test isn't reset properly between tests. Typical shared resources are: databases, files, environment settings, locks. This is the most probable cause.
  2. Some asynchronous work gets different timing and doesn't complete in a time, and you use a timer instead of more reliable ways to wait for completion.
  • 1. Yeah, I thought of that, but I destroy app afterEach test and create it beforeEach, so I think it might be enough to prevent such things 2. I use only async helpers provided by Ember (fillIn, click, visit) and andThen if I need to use some synchronous things in tests. P.S. In fact, my tests are very simple I think, I really don't get why I have this problem. Also I can provide a screenshot of error message if it helps (see UPD 1) – reillyethan Sep 2 '15 at 9:15

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