I'm using the SimpleModal Jquery plugin and it works great!

However, there are times that the width and height of the modal div need to be changed, so I need the modal to automatically re-position itself in the center of the page. I found out that SimpleModal uses its setPosition() function to do this. It is automatically called when the modal is launched.

So I tried to call the said function when the modal div's dimensions change, but it doesn't work:

$('#mybutton').click(function() {
    //code here to resize the modal
    $.modal.impl.setPosition(); //doesn't work. note that at this point, the modal is still active (displayed)

Do you have any ideas?


In the current version (1.3.5), you can re-position the dialog in the callback. For example:

    onShow: function (dialog) {
        var modal = this; // you now have access to the SimpleModal object

        // do stuff here

        // re-position

I'm working on version 1.3.6 which will provide some convenience methods for these "utility" functions.


When you make an element (let's call it theElement) into a modal, it will be wrapped by a div#simplemodal-container. div#simplemodal-container will get the same dimentions as theElement (in fact, it will be 2px higher/wider than theElement)

You don't say what element you are actually resizing, but I guess it's theElement. If that's the case, #simplemodal-container's dimentions aren't updated, and positioning it again will have no effect. You have to resize the container explicitly.

Therefore, after resizing and before positioning again, do this:

$("#simplemodal-container").css({height: newHeight, width: newWidth});

Here i assume newHeight and newWidth is theElement's new dimentions (+2 if you want to follow simplemodal's policy)

  • I did this and followed it by calling $.modal.setPosition()... and that worked for me. – Blaise Swanwick Feb 17 '16 at 21:15
  • @Blaise Would like to confirm that combining 2 lines together worked for me too. $("#simplemodal-container").css({height: newHeight, width: newWidth}); and right $.modal.setPosition(); – azakgaim Mar 1 '18 at 3:42

This works for me:

var modal = $.modal("<div>...</div>");

$('#mybutton').click(function() {
    //code here to resize the modal

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