Very often when running ansible-playbook on the Vagrant VM from Windows, I need to stop in the middle of something by pressing Ctrl+C. This happens if ansible becomes unresponsive or there is some bug we need to fix asap, so there is no point of waiting until provisioner completes.

The probem is that Ctrl+C does not work, some 2 ruby.exe processes get stuck in process tree. Any subsequent vagrant commands fail until you manually kill these ruby processes.

I also use to kill all stucked python ansible processes on the VM before running new provision.

Any way to handle it more jently?


I found this problem as well on Windows and using Puppet Apply. The only way I can happily kill it by opening another terminal/cmd and then vagrant ssh -- sudo pkill puppet. That gracefully terminates the process, and allows me to regain control of my first terminal again.

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