I am experimenting with compression on Hadoop/HBase and would like to add my own compression routine for block compression in HBase. I see that HBase has support for the following types of compression out of the box:

create 'mytable', {NAME=>'colfam:', COMPRESSION=>'gz'}

where 'gz' can be replaced with 'lzo' (liv-zempel), 'snappy', or 'none'.

My question, is it possible to write your own compression routine/codec and use it above for your column families? Something like:

create 'mytable', {NAME=>'colfam:', COMPRESSION=>'myCompressionRoutine'} 

What would be required to do something like this?

I also noticed a strange comment in some of the Java docs. The following comment was found here: https://hbase.apache.org/0.94/apidocs/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/io/hfile/Compression.Algorithm.html

"Compression algorithms. The ordinal of these cannot change or else you risk breaking all existing HFiles out there. Even the ones that are not compressed! (They use the NONE algorithm)"

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