I'm developing my team along with an application that must run in the background when an event called by sockets should put the application in the foreground .

The application must come to foreground similar to viber or whatsapp call. I stopped at this point. My application can now call an audio and vibrate, but I have to draw the screen to the foreground.

I'm using version 5.1.1 phonegap.

I am this plugin: https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-background-mode

Could someone give me a hand? Very grateful this already.


I found a way! Using the "toForeground" plugin. https://github.com/caioladislau/cordova-toforeground


      cordova.plugins.backgroundMode.onactivate = function() {
          toForeground("MainActivity", "com.me.myapp", function() {
          }, function(){
        }, 4000);

Note where it is called in:

toForeground(mainClassName, packageName, successFunction, errorFunction);

To find the "mainClassName" and "packageName" I searched: platforms/android/src/com/me/myapp/MainActivity.java, and I found:

package com.me.myapp;

import android.os.Bundle;
import org.apache.cordova.*;

public class MainActivity extends CordovaActivity
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
        // Set by <content src="index.html" /> in config.xml
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    This is only for Android. – Shmarkus Oct 17 '16 at 7:51
  • PushKit is the solution for iOS – D-Marc Jun 10 '17 at 6:42

I have used this plugin instead of developing one for my own, its a forked repo https://github.com/suhail339/cordova-bring-to-front

Keep in mind to install from Cordova CLI, visual studio plugin installer might create problem.

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