If I have several directories that contain, lets say, word documents and I want to copy every single file in the parent directory that have the ".doc" extension, how could I do that in a batch file?

I know that if I write:

xcopy "C:\Users\Documents\*.doc" C:\Users\NewDestination /s /i 

I'll copy all .doc files in the Documents directory to a new destination, but what if the only .doc files in Documents are located in subdirectories? How could I do that without having to write an xcopy line for each subdirectory?

for /r "C:\Users\Documents\" %# in (*doc) do @copy %# "C:\Users\NewDestination" /Y

or when used from batch file:

for /r "C:\Users\Documents\" %%# in (*doc) do copy %%# "C:\Users\NewDestination" /Y
  • what if I wanted to copy .txt files in addition to .doc files? – user95227 Sep 18 '17 at 20:04

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