I'm using play-slick_2.11-1.0.1 + HikariCP 2.4.1 to access SqlServer in my Play4-based application.
The database connection in application.conf:

slick.dbs.myDatabase = {
    url = "jdbc:sqlserver://sqlserverhost"
    driver = com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
    user = "admin"
    password = "ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD"

The problem is that the database password configured here must be encrypted based on our company policy.

How can I inject my decryption code to decrypt the password for the connection?

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Just found a solution:

  def createDecryptedDbConfig (dbConfigProvider: DatabaseConfigProvider) : DatabaseConfig[JdbcProfile] = {
    val dbConfig = dbConfigProvider.get[JdbcProfile]
    val decryptedConfig = dbConfig.config.
      withValue("db.user", ConfigValueFactory.fromAnyRef(decrypt(dbConfig.config.getConfig("db").getString("user")))).
      withValue("db.password", ConfigValueFactory.fromAnyRef(decrypt(dbConfig.config.getConfig("db").getString("password"))))
    DatabaseConfig.forConfig[JdbcProfile]("", decryptedConfig)

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