My graph is like this:


I have queries which filter on the property of "sends" relationship and returning the desired results. Now I also want that in the same query if I can also ask it to return "hostedOn" as well. Say, my output is b-[sends]->d, how can I also have in the same output b-[hostedOn]->S1 & S2? b & d will change every time depending on the filters applied on "sends" relation.

  • Perhaps share the query you're referring to? – Luanne Sep 4 '15 at 3:03

Here is a possible solution, given the very little information provided. Many solutions are possible, depending on exactly what you need to be returned and if you want any aggregation.

MATCH (a)-[r:sends]->(b)
WHERE r.foo = "bar"
MATCH (a)-[r1:hostedOn]->(s1), (b)-[r2:hostedOn]->(s2)
RETURN a, r, b, r1, s1, r2, s2;

This query assumes all a and b nodes must also have :hostedOn relationships, so there are no OPTIONAL MATCH clauses.

  • Thanks much! This helped and also increased my understanding :) – Aseem Sep 7 '15 at 4:35

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