This is code (Use Angularjs and server run localhost )


<iframe src="{{Url}}" width="100%" height="500"></iframe>


$scope.Url = "";

Need to refresh every 30 second How can ?


I would use the $timeout feature. Set an initial value then every 30 seconds call the reload function and increment a query string so that you don't have a caching problem. If that is not an issue, you can remove that $scope.seed stuff.

    .controller('UrlController', UrlController);

UrlController.$inject = ['$scope', '$timeout'];

function UrlController($scope, $timeout) {

    $scope.loadingCounter = 0;

    $scope.seed = getUtcDate().getTime();
    //adding the counter so the url reload isn't cached.
    $scope.baseUrl = '';

    $scope.Url = '';

    $scope.getReloadUrl = getReloadUrl;
    $scope.onReload = onReload;

    function onReload() {
        $scope.Url = $scope.getReloadUrl();
        //restart it again.
        $timeout($scope.onReload, 30000);

    function getReloadUrl(){
        //create a unique query string
        var reloadId = $scope.seed + $scope.loadingCounter;
        return $scope.baseUrl + '?reloadId=' + reloadId;

    //start it up

    //helper function 
    function getUtcDate() {
        var now = new Date();
        var nowUtc = new Date(now.getUTCFullYear(), now.getUTCMonth(), now.getUTCDate(), now.getUTCHours(), now.getUTCMinutes(), now.getUTCSeconds());
        return nowUtc;


you can use Javascript with setInterval to refresh the src of the Source...

window.setInterval("reloadIFrame();", 30000);

function reloadIFrame() {
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